Let Go

The problems of our souls stem from control. Our wanting to control the inevitable and wanting to control others. Meanwhile the only thing we truly can control is ourselves.  So let’s change ourselves for the better and let go of our needless stresses of attempting to control things that are out of our reach. However […]

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry, the words that plague my lips so frequently. These two simple words mean so much more than they give off yet at the same time they mean nothing at all. I repeat them day in and day out, trying to make sense of what I mean. Trying to understand myself. I’m sorry.


This is not a poem, this is an apology to everyone that has joined me on this short journey so far. I will be taking a break for about a month to do somethings that I need to take care of but I will continue writing for you all when I finish. Thank you all […]


Emotions are a  lot like the ocean, they are a force you cant control but if you are willing to learn, you can live with it, and to people who don’t understand it, it may seem crazy and random, and if you ignore it, then yeah, its going to sink your ship. Yet a talented […]

Im Fine.

I’m fine, I’ve said this all before. I’m fine, I really don’t care anymore. I’m fine, nothing is wrong with me. I’m fine, please just leave me be. I’m fine, no I am not crying. I’m fine, I said this while I was dying. No, no, this… this is all wrong, I am not fine. […]


Maybe, just maybe, this time when we say maybe, maybe we mean it. How many times do we say maybe? Maybe we just shouldn’t say maybe. Maybe we should say what we actually want to say. But maybe not. Maybe we say maybe because we may be unsure about a situation. Or maybe we just […]


Life, so often is referred to as a gift, yet how come it is never looked at from the other side. Overall, yes life is a gift, but for some life can seem more like a curse. It’s hard, unforgiving even, its painful and seemingly endless. Just stick out your hand and let someone take […]


What is reality? Is it a scary place where life kicks you when you are down? Is it the unrelenting waves crashing on the sandy beach? Or is reality what we want it to be? Is it possible that reality could be a place of joy and happiness? Can it be the wind blowing gently […]